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The 5th edition of the Alto Adige half-marathon got underway this morning and took competitors on a 21-kilometre run through the spectacular lush green surrounds of Europe’s largest plateau. A total of 700 runners from 13 nations lined out at the start in Compaccio but first across the finish-line was the German Sebastian Hallman in a time of 1.19’16”. He was followed by Simone Peyracchia and Mikhail Mamleev. Victory in the women’s event went to Monique Siegel who finished in a time of 1.32’45” and was flanked on the podium by Petra Pircher and Manuela Marcolini.

Compaccio (BZ) 2 July 2017 – The Alpe di Siusi Half Marathon’s 700 very lucky competitors were immersed in surroundings more unique than rare as they ran the 21,097 kilometres of the race route on Europe’s largest plateau. The 5th edition of the half-marathon saw athletes from 13 different nations compete over a route that wounds its way through the spectacular scenery of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, overlooked by the Sassopiatto, Sassolungo and Sciliar massifs.

The men’s race was dominated by Sebastian Hallman: the 40 year old took 1.19’16” to finish the course. “It’s the first time I come to Alpe di Siusi. I’ve been here for a few days to know the course and study the details,” he declared shortly after crossing the finish-line, “it’s a very difficult and technical course. And, of course, very fascinating, maybe for this reason.” Behind him were Simone Peyracchia and Mikhail Mamleev who battled for second and third positions. In the end, however, Peyracchia held sway, leaving Mamleev to take the third step on the podium.

The women’s race was won by Monique  Siegel from Germany, who finished her race in a time of 1.32’45” just ahead of Petra Pircher and Manuela Marcolini.

The Alpe di Siusi Half Marathon was also the second event in the special Ski & Run combined classification reserved for athletes that also finished the Moonlight Classic, a cross-country skiing event held over 15 and 30-kilometre routes on February 10 last on the plateau. There are two separate standings: one calculated on the basis of each athlete’s time in the half-marathon and their time in the 30-kilometre ski race, and the other on the sum of the half-marathon time and the 15-kilometre ski race time.

In the former, the top performers were Thomas Vikoler (in an overall time of 4.02’02”) and Monique Siegel (3.12’11”). In the latter, the fastest finisher was Sebastian Nussbaumer from Austria (3.09’20”).

The Alpe di Siusi event did not just attract athletes running for the love of competition and the spectacular route. Also part of the event was a special charity relay organised by RUN FOR IOV and comprising 21 current and former patients of the Veneto Oncology Institute, who ran a kilometre apiece to raise awareness of a very sensitive subject: the fight against breast cancer.


Overall Men:

  1. Sebastian Hallman GER 1.19’16”
  2. Simone Peyracchia ITA 1.22’34”
  3. Michail Mamleev RUS 1.24’26”
  4. Christian Stuffer ITA 1.29’47”
  5. Gianmarco Bazzoni ITA 1.30’16”

Overall Women

  1. Monique Siegel GER 1.32’45”
  2. Petra Pircher ITA 1.34’39”
  3. Manuela Marcolini ITA 1.36’22”
  4. Benedetta Broggi ITA 1.39’01”
  5. Birgit Klammer ITA 1.43’02”